Never file again ...
the innovative box for your documents

This is what the future of your documents looks like

  • Put the document
    on the scan ground

    You can optionally switch on the LEDs to optimize your scan quality.

  • Place your phone on top

    The fileee app opens automatically and your document will be scanned!

  • Put the document
    in the box

    We remember the location and track its exact position in the stack of papers.

Afterwards fileee analyzes ...

... and automatically recognizes

  • sender
  • date
  • amounts
  • type
  • customer ID


also offers

  • full-text search
  • reminders
  • smart system


Already use our App today to be paperfree:

Download the fileee app To use the box, you need a fileee account
The monthly document limit for free users does not apply for the fileeeBox usage.

Box to archive

File documents easily and find them again quickly. Digitalization is all well and good, but what happens with the originals? Our solution: Each scanned document goes in the box, and a color scale shows the document's exact position in the box. No more bothersome filing and long searches for documents.

Scan Stand(optional)

Ultimate scan quality with your phone. Link your smartphone to the stand and scan more quickly than ever before.

But what happens if you should
need the original document?

fileee shows you in which box and at which height you can find your original document.

fileee always remembers the order of your documents in the box because smart algorithms calculate their exact position.


Scan Stand
best quality for archiving

#1 tax
#2 2014
#3 2015

use your smartphone as a scanner

The box can also be used without the scan stand, but maximum scan quality can only be achieved with the stand!

one scan stand for all boxes

Due to the bar code, every box is unique. The scan stand always knows on which box it is placed. Any scanned document will then be allocated to the box it is put in.

endless space

As soon as your box is full, simply close the box, stow it and start with the next one. You can put your scan stand on the new box.

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